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Asset Liquidation Services, Real Estate Sales, Moving & Downsizing Services


The Estate Gallery LLC will consult with you to determine the most efficient and profitable plan to liquidate all of the assets you desire to dispense of. We can create a custom sale plan including some or all of the following:

On-site estate (tag) sales (2 - 4 day sales)

Off-site estate (tag) sales (if necessary)

On-site auctions of personal property, assets and real estate

Gallery auctions and item transportation to our auction house or warehouse

Private dealer & collector sales

Off-site consignment sales

Entire or partial estate bulk buy-outs

Bulk lot sales to secondary market merchants

Transport of items to charity donation centers

Property cleanout services

Delivery, Transportation & Hauling services

Not every estate sale shopper is as adventurous as this one, so for your shoppers' convenience we have our own fleet of trucks & trailers to offer delivery of furniture and other large items purchased at your estate sale. Often buyers will make larger and more expensive purchases when there are options for delivery available to them at the time of the sale. We can also assist you in moving several of your large items locally if needed. Delivery of sale items is offered at no cost to our clients, local hauling is affordably priced and quoted based on the specifics of the move.

Packing & Shipping of Sale Items

The Estate Gallery LLC. will pack and ship items sold during our clients' sale. The fee for this service is passed on to the buyer. Your unique antique, collectible or fine art items can also be shipped to our auction house when we feel that item will bring greater value in another sale venue. There are additional fees for this service

Complete Document Destruction Services

Disposal of documents containing personal information is part of the process of almost every estate settlement, downsizing, or moving sale. The Estate Gallery LLC., offers complete & total document destruction services that result in the complete incineration of all documents and/or shredded materials for our clients. Quotes are based on the volume to be destroyed and the distance materials are transported.

Complete House & Property Cleanout Services

The Estate Gallery LLC can also provide complete house, outbuilding, property and small business cleanout services. We remove all unsold items, remove all residual debris and leave the premises in broom clean condition for settlement or sale. We recycle all materials and items where appropriate, carry all refuse to a landfill, and transport all unsold but usable items to donation centers or to buyers of bulk lots on the secondary market.

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