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Welcome to TEG Auction Gallery

We serve Lancaster, Bucks, Berks, Chester, Montgomery & Delaware Counties in Pennsylvania, and most of the northern towns in the state of Delaware and north east Maryland. We would also travel further for some sales please contact us for more information. Or view our current schedule by clicking the button below.


Check our upcoming Auctions, Estate Sales, Online Store, and Our Store Front to bid on or purchase these fantastic items and many more like them before they are going... going... gone!


TEG Auction Gallery

We can help you with onsite residential estate (Tag) sales, auctions of whole house contents, entire collections or individual items. We conduct auctions online, onsite and in our Morgantown, PA auction gallery. We specialize in Real Estate Auctions, Commercial & business liquidations via onsite and web cast auctions, Large and small lot sales to private collectors and dealers. We are currently accepting quality consignments of antiques, coins, jewelry, fine art & vehicles.


CONSIGN or SELL Your Items

to The Estate Gallery LLC & TEG Auctions!

Complete Multi-Channel Professional Asset Liquidation Services

Normal and unanticipated events in our lives often result in the need to make a significant change in our personal holdings. A change of our living arrangements, retirement, relocating and moving, downsizing, divorce, the passing of loved ones, the settlement of an estate, the selling of a home, and the closing of a small business can bring about the need to sell or otherwise dispose of some or all of the contents of our homes, properties and businesses. This can be a daunting, time intensive task with varied and often unpredictable financial outcomes for those individuals who are not experienced in this process. The professionals at The Estate Gallery can can help by working with you and your particular objectives and timeframes to create and carryout a plan for the sale, removal, and disbursement of your entire estate or just several key assets or items as needed. Please see the "Our Services" and the "Estate Gallery Experience of our website for more complete information about how we can help! Your can also contact us by email or phone for more information by the links below or on the "Contact Us" section of our webpage.

We serve Lancaster, Bucks, Berks, Chester, Montgomery & Deleware Counties in Pennsylvania, and most of the northern towns in the state of Delaware and north east Maryland. We also do travel further for some sales please contact us for more information.



Our current schedule of auctions & estate sales.

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Bid or make a purchase from anywhere you have an internet connection in our cataloged sales or our e-commerce stores.

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We can hold an onsite auction or a traditional tag sale at your location to save on hauling fees.

We are a family owned & operated business with over 20 years of experience in the buying and selling of antiques, collectibles, household, industrial & small business merchandise. We will put our experience and knowledge of current secondary market trends to work for you to assure that you receive the highest possible profit from your estate, moving, downsizing, or liquidation sale.

Our fees for our core services are based on a percentage of the total revenue generated from your sale so we work very hard to sell each item in the most appropriate venue at the highest possible price under current market conditions. We do this while keeping within your time constraints for the complete disbursement of all merchandise which you desire to sell or remove from your premises.

Below is a rough outline of the process you will experience when hiring The Estate Gallery LLC for your asset liquidation needs:

We begin with an initial consultation at no cost or obligation to you at the site of your proposed sale. We will discuss your particular situation, needs, objectives and your desired time frames

We begin the process of educating you about current secondary market trends, give you information about a systematic approach to preparing and planning for your estate settlement, downsizing, or moving sale, and educate you about how we appropriately and objectively assess the value of your sale items

Next we tour and inspect the estate or property with you to understand the mix of categories of sale items and to perform an initial assessment of the value of each sale category of your inventory

Using the information from our sale category analysis and the information you have given to us concerning your particular situation, goals & objectives and necessary time frames, we then develop and propose a total sale strategy using one, or a mix, of the following venues to achieve the highest possible return and profit for you from your sale:

On-site estate (tag) sales (2 - 4 day sales)

Off-site estate (tag) sales (if necessary)

On-site auctions

Off-site auctions (Gallery Auctions) and item transportation to be sold at our auction house

Private dealer & collector sales

Off-site consignment sales

Entire or partial estate bulk buy-outs

Bulk lot sales to secondary market merchants

Transport of items to charity donation centers

Complete & Partial Property cleanout services

Once the sale strategy and venue mix is determined, we then develop a work plan complete with time frames and schedule the dates for your sale!

Any elected optional services (described on the "Our Services" Page) will be scheduled and performed as per the established work plan

Each of your sale items will be individually inspected and an assessed value will be assigned, for unique, rare or high end items background research and/or an appraisal will be performed to determine a fair market value of each sale item

A computerized inventory list for accurate transaction accounting and post sale status of each item is compiled and given to our clients for historical and tax accounting records

We will photograph your sale inventory for historical record, for inclusion in the pre-sale advertising campaign and for the development of a rolling inventory slide show that will be displayed prominently at the entrance to your sale for shoppers to see what treasures await them further into the sale premises. This usually encourages shoppers to stay, explore and shop for longer periods resulting in an increased average sales ticket and the sale of more of your merchandise

Our pre-sale marketing campaign will be established and will include local print advertisement in local newspapers, online ad placement via several venues, customer contact via our extensive private email database, and the contact of our network of dealers, bulk lot buyers, pickers and collectors

The Estate Gallery LLC will provide all necessary staff for effective operation of your sale including pre sale services, sale day services and security, and any electedpost sale services

We will stage your sale items and home for maximum exposure, sales, and security of your merchandise. Our knowledge of shoppers habits and patterns allows us the advantage of engineering the shoppers experience at your sale for maximum sale of your inventory

Secure locking display cases, tables and clothing racks are supplied as needed by The Estate Gallery LLC

We will establish a secure limited entrance and egress checkout point at your sale for ease of customer checkout and to foster our security and crowd control functions

We will perform a general post sale clean up of the premises, more extensive clean out and removal services are available on the ("Our Services" page)

All needed sale permits in your locality will be obtained by The Estate Gallery LLC

Signage, as permitted by your local ordinances, will be provided on your local streets and on the sale premises during the days of the sale and then removed promptly post sale

Cash and credit cards will be the accepted forms of payment at the sale for your shoppers convienience

Post sale continued sales, bulk lot sales, transport of unsold items to charity donation centers and whole house cleanouts are services performed as elected by our clients these can be found on the("our Services" page) we will not leave you "stuck" with significant additional post sale work for you to do!



Asset Liquidation Services, Real Estate Sales, Moving & Downsizing Services

The Estate Gallery LLC will consult with you to determine the most efficient and profitable plan to liquidate all of the assets you desire to dispense of. We can create a custom sale plan including some or all of the following:

On-site estate (tag) sales (2 - 4 day sales)

Off-site estate (tag) sales (if necessary)

On-site auctions of personal property, assets and real estate

Gallery auctions and item transportation to our auction house or warehouse

Private dealer & collector sales

Off-site consignment sales

Entire or partial estate bulk buy-outs

Bulk lot sales to secondary market merchants

Transport of items to charity donation centers

Property cleanout services

Delivery, Transportation & Hauling services

 For your shoppers' convenience we have our own fleet of trucks & trailers to offer delivery of furniture and other large items purchased at your estate sale. Often buyers will make larger and more expensive purchases when there are options for delivery available to them at the time of the sale. We can also assist you in moving several of your large items locally if needed. Delivery of sale items is offered at no cost to our clients, local hauling is affordably priced and quoted based on the specifics of the move.

Packing & Shipping of Sale Items

The Estate Gallery LLC. will pack and ship items sold during our clients' sale. The fee for this service is passed on to the buyer. Your unique antique, collectible or fine art items can also be shipped to our auction house when we feel that item will bring greater value in another sale venue. There are additional fees for this service

Complete Document Destruction Services

Disposal of documents containing personal information is part of the process of almost every estate settlement, downsizing, or moving sale. The Estate Gallery LLC., offers complete & total document destruction services that result in the complete incineration of all documents and/or shredded materials for our clients. Quotes are based on the volume to be destroyed and the distance materials are transported.

Complete House & Property Cleanout Services

The Estate Gallery LLC can also provide complete house, outbuilding, property and small business cleanout services through our associated and/or contracted services providers. We remove all unsold items, remove all residual debris and leave the premises in broom clean condition for settlement or sale. We recycle all materials and items where appropriate, carry all refuse to a landfill, and transport all unsold but usable items to donation centers or to buyers of bulk lots on the secondary market.

The Estate Gallery Asian Art Photo 159
The Estate Gallery Asian Art Photo 162
The Estate Gallery Asian Art Photo 163
The Estate Gallery LLC Disney Snow White Cell
The Estate Gallery Asian Art Photo 248
The Estate Gallery Asian Art Photo 225
The Estate Gallery Asian Art Photo 232
The Estate Gallery Asian Art Photo 170
The Estate Gallery LLC M Musini Crocodile Belt
The Estate Gallery LLC Mud Man Mask
The Estate Gallery LLC Shelley England Teapot
The Estate Gallery LLC Saxophone
The Estate Gallery LLC Navajo Sterling Ring
The Estate Gallery LLC Violin

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2846 Main Street, Suite 201
Morgantown, PA 19543
(In the Clocktower Plaza, Behind Zou's Garden Restaurant)

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